†††††††††††††† †††† CD-MAN


o CD-MAN program contains lots of special features like film renting and selling, following rent, fined customers, cash activities, integrated mail sending and mail archive.


o It provides the opportunity of rapid process thanks to barcode support.


o Entering to program, deleting and updating cash activities can only be done with userís password and unlimited users can be defined.


o It provides flexible working for DVD/VCD Shops performing various kinds thanks to options in general setup.


o It presents film renting and selling options for not only DVD and VCD but also DivX films.




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*You can contact with telephone or e-mail to learn buying information.




















Some of the Program Features


        It can create coded entry different users in only one computer.

        Film renting and selling on media types (VCD, DVD, DivX) and opportunity of selling on other CD types too.

        The opportunity of renting, selling and receiving CD by Bar code.

        customer entry, whether the customer is member or not, deposit, the opportunity of adding note

        The opportunity of adding customerís photo directly with Webcam connected to your computer.

        The opportunity of determining different kinds of renting prices for member and general customers and pricing automatically in CD processes section.( for each types of media )

        As it can be determined stable selling price for VCD, DVD and DivX films, if any selling price entered while CD is being entered to stock, the opportunity of getting this automatically.

        The opportunity of giving free CD and getting warning message when CD is received.

        Photograph part of special for person.

        The opportunity of seeing customer processes

        The possibility of exchanging CD

        The possibility of determining punishment fee for late CDs and collecting this based on request on delivery screen. ( it is different for each media type )

        Extensive features of films which will be rented and opportunity of filtering as to features.

        Opportunity of getting statistic periodically dealing with rented films.

        Thanks to CD Navigator, the opportunity of finding requested film easily and getting list and write requested features of films.

        The opportunity of not only CD renting and selling but also entering private activity in cash module, and the opportunity of deleting correcting with password on cash activities.

        As it can be defined the daily stable renting price, if it is requested, the option of daily renting (number of rented day * renting price). For periodically open and close establishments on Sundays, the opportunities of changing automatically date of renting and receiving.

        Statistical report of available CDs and types of film and renting situation in stock.

        The opportunity of seeing cash activities based on daily and periodically and taking data of performed processes from printer.

        As to integrated the opportunity of sending collected mail or one by one to your customers from the mail address supported SMTP. The program can accumulate sent mails in its own archive, after then it enables to be read and deleted.

        The possibility of seeing CDs in rent, CDs needed to be delivered, CDs arriving that day, CDs being late on CD control window and receiving CDs from this window.

        The possibility of getting printer output on definition screen and cash activities.

        The possibility of backing up your datum.

        Simple and aesthetics design.








Entering user name and password form, if you are using this program for the first time, you can enter like that;


User name††† : USER

Password††††† : USER


After making your first entering, change available user name and password please.




Main Form

By means of menu on main form, you can reach other sub-menu. When you open the program for the first time, open firstly the part of service on definitions menu.





Choosing menu




New Record













Service-User Definitions


††††††††††† Above cited whole icons show similar characteristics in all forms, change user name and password when you open the program for the first time from this part, you can define unlimited users.



















Service Ė Tariff  Definitions


            Tariffs you have defined in this part will give you direct selling, renting and exchange prices during the renting, selling and exchange transactions. Without completing this part, you can't use the program.





























††††††††††† Service-Mail Settings


††††††††††† You can send mails to your customerís E-Mail address by entering directly on SMTP-aided mail address in this part. Entered mail address must surely support SMTP.




























††††††††††† Service-General Settings



1)      Notice Sundays in the period of renting time


If you put mark on this option, Sunday will be also included into renting time, renting time and the number of punished days will be calculated included with Sundays. If not chosen, when the deadline of renting time befits Sunday, receiving time will be put on automatically next day and Sundays will not be considered in calculating of renting time and the number of punished days.


2) Apply Daily Renting System ( Renting price * the number of rented days )


††††††††††† Total sum will be calculated by multiplying determined renting price and the total number of rented days of CD, if you put mark on this option. If not marked, however how many days you rented the CD, first determined renting price reflects to only total sum.


††††††††††† You can back up available data into ďC:\CDMANBackup\Ē with Backup button.



























†††††† †††† Service- Fixed Definitions


††††††††††† Actors and Actresses of Movies, Film Companies, Film Directors, Film types, Distribution Companies can be entered in part of Stable Definitions, entered data in this part will be used while making datum entry, entering all data correctly provides both keeping a systematic archive and responding to requests belongs to you easily as to certain criteria.


††††††††††† For example: you can take the output from the printer and see the list of films by filtering as to the name of player from the CD definitions menu to your customer requesting Anthony Hopkins films

























CD Definitions


††††††††††† In this part, CD definitions you will rent and sell will be given, you can enter not only VCD, DVD, DivX but also other CD types and make process about these types. Entering data with red and blue title is absolutely necessary, you canít complete record if you donít enter these data. For each registration it is necessary to click New Registration button at first, and after entering data is completed, to click record button. If you want, it will be registered by asking you as credit on your cash box by being multiplied cost price with the number of stock after registry process.


††††††††††† You can see who have rented that chosen CD until that day on table of Customers renting this CD.


††††††††††† In order to make a search as to a factor by choosing this factor on Searching Factor it is enough to write value that you want to search in Factor Box. If you enter a value belongs to that factor, table will move into this.


††††††††††† If you want to make filtering as to any criteria, when you click on Filter Button by choosing one or more than criteria, there will be only registers belongs to chosen criteria.


††††††††††† If you click on Stock Statistical Position, you can take current CD statistic.























††††††††††† Customer Definitions


Customer table is the part of keeping customerís registrations that you rent or sell CD, you can mark your customers as being member or not one by one, write the deposit price of members, and if you want to enter the personal data about your customers, you can use part of Explanation


To add your customerís photo you can choose a file from your hard disc or take customerís photo with a connected Webcam to your computer and add directly.


If any rented CD is in a chosen customer, you can see on the table of CDs in Customer. If you receive the CD, you can use Receive CD button on the right and receive the CD by marking on CD Returned button from the dialog box coming across you. If you make a free process while renting CD to your customer, the program will warn you on Receive CD dialog box.


††††††††††† You can see customerís whole renting and selling process on the table of Customerís History and can print the list with Print button on the right.


††††††††††† You can take your customersí list from above Print button.

























††††††††††††††† CD Functions


CD renting and selling functions are done from this menu, in order to do any functions, at first New Record button must be clicked and then chosen Function Type. After customerís name is chosen, the price is appeared automatically according to CD type chosen on Renting and Selling functions. In the event of selling function is chosen, if chosen CD has no selling price, stable VCD or DVD (according to chosen CD type) price entered on the part of Service-Price definitions will be appointed as sum.

††††††††††† In CD renting function, according to how many days the CD rented the price will change and be added to total sum. Beginning of the date can be changed being that day. Returning date is calculated by the program according to number of requested renting days. The amount written on the part of Total Sum will be saved in cash box as to entry sum, if you click on Register button after entering all data.

††††††††††† If you mark On Credit option, the program will warn you about CD renting on credit while CD is being giving back.

††††††††††† You can see immediately chosen CDs on customers on the table of Customerís History. You can bring the moment of rented CD by customer by clicking Go Chosen Transaction button. You can send mail to chosen your customer by clicking Mail button.(if customerís recorded mail address is available)

††††††††††† You can see the previous customers renting this film on the part of Customers Renting this Film.

††††††††††† When you are registry mode, you can reach information of requested renting and selling Film / CD quickly by instructing Bar Code window opened with F5 too. According to types of product whose bar code is read ( DVD, VCD, DIVX..), needed changes on Renting / Selling Menu will be done automatically.



























††††††††††† Cash Box Activities


††††††††††† In this part, you can see prices entering to cash box on daily renting and selling, you can also enter other expenses and income to cash box from New Transaction, you can see total purchase and sale, and remnant sum belong to chosen period from the part of Period Outcome on the right below, and details belong to chosen activity from the part of Activity Details on the left of below.


††††††††††† If you want to delete or correct a cash activity, a password is requested from you, this password is similar to the password that you enter to program with.


††††††††††† It is enough to click update button by dating each of Beginning Period and Ending Period in order to see activities between any of dates and Period Outcomes. Whenever you open this form, activities belong to that day and period outcomes will appear on screen.


††††††††††† You can choose one of the filtering options on the right when you want to filter cash activities as to certain type of activities.


††††††††††† You can print available activities and period outcome from printer.




























††††††††††† Entry Cash Box Activities


††††††††††† You can enter a new transaction record to cash box thanks to this form. After you fill the part of Explanation and Date, it is enough to write input amount to Input Price and also output amount to Output Price. When you click save button Period Outcomes will be updated as to New Transaction entering.


††††††††††† Renting and selling processes are moved into cash box together with the explanation just as selling and renting are transacted on CD Processes Form. Collected penalties from your customer on CD Return form will appear in cash box as penalty default.


††††††††††† Process type of Cash Box Activities entered by user appears as ďOtherĒ.
























††††††††††† CD Ė Check


††††††††††† In this form you can see your rented CDs, determine being late and receive a CD received by means of return form. When you choose criteria wanted to be interrogated on the left side, results will appear on table.


††††††††††† You can see details deal with the film you choose on the part of Details below.


††††††††††† If you want to mail to customer keeping chosen film, you can send your message by clicking Mail button from mail form which will open.


††††††††††† When you want to receive any film, it is enough to be read film bar code on scanning bar code dialogue window that will be opened by clicking F5 key, if you have entered bar code details while entering to stock. If the film scanned bar code details is rented for only one copy, receiving window will appear directly for the customer renting the film.Ifthe same film is rented one more than, the program will warn you and want you to choose one of the customers renting the filmon table.


††††††††††† You can print the list on screen by clicking Print button.
























††††††††††† CD Return


In this form you can receive your rented CDs. After clicking CD Return option, the program will show you the deadline as to date of the day and total penalty days, penalty default by calculating as to price list of film type. If you want to collect penalty default, it is needed to be clicked the option of Penalty Default Collected. If you click this option, penalty default will appear on cash box activities, you can define penalty default for yourself.


If the customerís photo is available on previous registrations, this photo will appear with CD Return window too.


If the film is rented on account, the program will warn you with a flashing caution in the part of CD Return.


























††††††††††† CD Exchanging


††††††††††† You can exchange CD with your customer in this form. It is enough to click ďExchangeĒ button after entering data of CD which you will take and exchange. It is necessary to enter the red title factors.

††††††††††† Interchanged CD is added to stock in exchange process, exchanged CD is removed from stock and exchange price is registered to your cash box as to Exchange Price too.

























††††††††††† CD Navigator


This form provides surfing easily between data about your CD stock and searching easily according to certain criteria.


























††††††††††† Mail Archive



This form is the part of keeping mails which you sent to your customers, you can take output of mails with printing button.


††††††††††† You can change on SMTP settings communication in part of Service-Mail Settings


You can send a new mail clicking the mail button.


††††††††††† You can send mail clicking with mouse-right-click on any customer in customer list.


††††††††††† You can delete selected mail right-clicking the mail on mail list.

























††††††††††† E-Mail


††††††††††† You can send mail to your customers with this form, it is enough to choose your customers in E-Mail buyer list to send the same message more than one customer.


††††††††††† You can use Search box to search your customer, mails which you have sent will be saved in the part of Mail Archive.